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Lord Erroll - Gourmet Restaurant
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The Lord Erroll is made up of multiple dining rooms that can be booked privately for groups as small as six and as large as eighty. Over the years, The Lord Erroll Restaurant has attracted a very loyal local following as well as an international clientele.

With exquisite Classic French cuisine, superior service and a winning wine list, The Lord Erroll is the premier French and gourmet restaurant in East Africa.

Lose yourself in the romantic atmosphere as you relax by our fireplaces. Savor the fine food and sip fine wine for a memorable evening. Our experienced staff will pamper you.



The Claremont is 100 square meters and boasts a lovely fireplace. It consists of rich mahogany panelled interior reminiscent of a traditional Victorian "Club Room". It takes upto 80 people at any given time. Its carpeted floors make it the ideal venue for seminars, national days of different countries, art exhibiproduct launches and even private parties and dinners.

The Claremont's doors all open out to the vast Veranda and garden - both can be hired and used in conjunction.


The concept of the Conservatory is expressed perfectly in the colours and décor of the room. The mahogany floor, gentle light and illustrations of birds, plants and butterflies enhance the mood The room is 100 square meters and takes upto 80 people at any given time.

Like the Claremont it boasts a large fireplace and also opens out to the vast Veranda and garden. Depending on preference, it can also be used for seminars, product launches and private parties or dinners

Our renowned terrace which adjoins the Highlander Bar, the Conservatory and the Claremont overlooks our delightful garden setting, complete with waterfalls, streams and ponds. This lovely terrace is ideal for "al fresco" dining (lunch or dinner), morning coffee or afternoon tea and is also available for private functions. It can take upto 150 people, giving everyone a chance to sit outside on a beautiful day.

It has become the ultimate dining venue with more people opting to sit and enjoy the outdoor dining. For cool evenings, it is equipped with patio heaters which keep everyone comfortable during the meal while overlooking the well lit gardens.

Highlander Bar

The tartan carpet and elegantly furnished lounge with a fireplace make The Highlander a traditional but elegant bar, providing customers with a perfect setting for pre-lunch and dinner aperitifs or just a quiet drink with friends.

The wood panelling, brass and vintage photographic memorabilia set the scene of the Erroll (Happy Valley) era of Kenya in the late 1930's. The room is 80 square metres and can be used for small meetings or seminars.

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Dinner 6:00pm 10:30pm
Lunch 12:00pm 5:00pm
Spouse Night Every Thursday
Monday Restaurant Closed

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