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a brief history

                        Josslyn Hay started his education

                        at Eton College in 1914 but left
                        prematurely two years later. After
                        a brief spell in foreign office

                        as Military Attache at the High
                        Commission in Berlin, he came to

                        Kenya in 1924 with his wife Lady
                        Idina Gordon. They settled on the
                        slopes of the Aberdares range and

                        later moved to a grand mansion
                        located beneath the Aberdares where

                        the founded what was the known as
                        the “Happy Valley” set.

                        In 1928, Josslyn Hay became Earl
                        of Erroll and lived a lavish lifestyle.

                        After undergoing a divorce, the Earl
                        of Erroll married Mary Ramsey-
                        Hill (Molly) and lived in Oserian,

                        a moroccan-style mansion on the
                        shores of Lake Naivasha.

                        In addition to being  the Earl of

                        Erroll, Josslyn was later appointed
                        as the Secretary of the Production

                        and Settlement Board of Kenya
                        and enjoyed being a member of
                        the Legislative Council. Erroll was

                        mysteriously murdered in 1941 a
                        year after he became the Military
                        Secretary of Kenya.

                        The Lord Erroll Restaurant has been

                        designed to recreate the theme and
                        mood of that era, it’s country style

                        orientation, polished wooden floors,
                        stained glass and elegant interior
                                  place it in a class of it’s own.

                                            This is complemented
                                            by the very best in fine

                                        dining and an ambience
                                     that is second to none.
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