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SOUPS                                                                                COLD STARTERS

            Chicken Broth with Garden Peas                     Kshs. 750                         Green Naivasha Asparagus Vinaigrette            Kshs. 750

            Butternut Soup with Parmesan Crust                 Kshs. 700                         Beef Carpaccio                                  Kshs. 850

                                                                                                 Prawns Cocktail                                 Kshs. 950
            Fresh Tomato Soup with Chives                      Kshs. 750
                                                                                                 Tomato with Buffalo Mozzarella                  Kshs. 850
            Duck Consommé Celestine with Portwine              Kshs. 800
                                                                                                 Scandinavian smoked Salmon                      Kshs. 1,300

            Spinach Soup with Bacon and Croûtons               Kshs. 700

            Cream of Mushroom                                  Kshs. 800

                                                                                                 HOT STARTERS
            Lobster Bisque                                     Kshs. 850

                                                                                                 Green Naivasha Asparagus with

                                                                                                 Sauce Hollandaise                               Kshs. 750

            SALADS                                                                               Garlic Mushroom “Mille Feuilles”                Kshs. 750

                                                                                                 Deep fried Calamari Rings                       Kshs. 750
            Mixed Lettuce Salad                                Kshs. 600
                                                                                                 Deglazed Squid in Coconut with white

            Assorted Salad                                     Kshs. 700                         Balsamico, red Pepper on a Polenta Disc  Kshs. 750

                                                                                                 Deep fried Camembert with a tangy
            Caesar Salad                                       Kshs. 800                         Cranberry and Portwine Sauce                    Kshs. 750

            Waldorf Salad                                      Kshs. 800                         Duck Raviolis in Sage Sauce                     Kshs. 900

                                                                                                 Cappellini al' Salmone                          Kshs. 900
            Greek Salad                                        Kshs. 800
                                                                                                 Jumbo Prawns coated with Almond

            Salad Nicoise                                      Kshs. 900                         Crust on Egg Noodles                            Kshs. 1,250

             Dressings: Vinaigrette, Garden Herb, Garlic and a Thousand Island

                               Prices inclusive of all taxes
                                                                                                                   Prices inclusive of all taxes
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